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‘Toni Maguire is very good indeed at creating living backdrops, through  beautiful  descriptions of the characters’ surroundings  and of the characters themselves. Mrs Jefferies, the notorious madam sent shivers down my spine, as did her appalling and almost unbelievable treatment of the children she buys and sells. This novel truly shows the cruelly grimy underbelly of Victorian society. It’s a brilliant snapshot of the nineteenth century — the neat contrast between the lives of the rich and the existences of the poor, illustrated in Emily and Agnes: there is an almost inconceivably vast gulf between them. And, of course, there’s a great story!’


Toni Maguire chats about her newly released book “Pretty Maids all in a Row” set against the capricious, unequal and often cruel landscape  of London’s Victorian era, it is the story of Agnes a fisherman’s daughter and Emily a heiress. One travels to London in search for her sister, the other is kidnapped, simply because she is was so beautiful. Both girls are taken to Mary Jefferies, the notorious brothel keeper whose clients were some of the most powerful men in England. Her sponsor was King Leopold, the cousin of Queen Victoria. Against this background the passionate men and women known as the Reformers were striving to get the age of consent.  This is a major departure in the style of my writing and I think my previous fan-base and totally new readers of my work will find it enthralling. It is available on Amazon NOW – click here to find out more



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